Cellular Signal Enhancement Solutions

Smart Buildings need strong cellular connectivity. Increase cellular signal anywhere in your building with our custom turn key solutions. Our solution boosts signal up to a 1000x more than the competition, works with all 4 major carriers, and is designed specifically for your building.

How a Cellular Enhancement Solution Works

See how powerful a cellular enhancement solution could be for your building. Works with all devices and all types of building sizes.

A carrier tower transmits a cellular signal, and the signal travels.

A cellular signal enhancement solution is installed within a building consisting of an antenna, a receiver, and a HUB. These are discretely installed.

Once the system is active, the system’s antenna takes the outside cellular signal and rebroadcasts it within the building. This is a stronger, more amplified signal than outside.

As a result, employees, tenants, and IoT devices have access to enhanced cellular signal indoor, delivering smoother communication and happier people.


Choose your industry below.

Solutions for schools, colleges, education campuses, and more.

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Solutions for hotels, motels, conference centers, and convention centers.

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Custom enterprise solutions for cellular enhancement using single cell and DAS.

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Commercial Property

Solutions for Smart Buildings, commercial real estate, and more.

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Solutions for hospitals, surgical centers, medical office parks, labs, research facilities, and diagnostic centers.

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Solutions for Public Safety buildings, courts, detention centers, and police and fire stations.

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Multi-Dwelling Units

Solutions for apartment buildings, high rise condos, and hotel-condominium buildings.

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Public Safety

To learn more about our public safety solutions or public safety requirements in the NFPA or IFC codes, please call our Solutions Experts at 1.844.804.6081

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The Process

Getting started with a cellular enhancement solution does not have to be a difficult process.
Our process is simple no matter what type of cellular solution you need, and we can help no matter where you are in your search for an in-building cellular solution.


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Floor Plan Analysis

A floor plan analysis allows our Solutions Experts to evaluate the best cellular enhancement solution for you based on your building’s unique structure and your needs. Take advantage of our Free Budgetary Quote that is customized to your building too.

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Site Survey

A site survey is a part of the design process and determines the exact configuration needed to enhance the cellular signal inside the building. This on-site survey allows our technicians to take scientific signal readings in all areas of your building.

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System Design and Installation

Once the site survey and floor plan analysis have been completed, Wytec will expertly design and professionally install your custom solution.

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     Dallas, TX      400,000 Sq. Ft.

Our Projects

Fountain Place

Getting great cellular reception was a problem within the historic Fountain Place in Dallas, TX. Throughout the parking garage, poor cellular reception was a constant fight for visitors and tenants.

Consequently, Wytec Enterprise developed and deployed a total coverage solution that encompassed all four carriers to dramatically increase cellular coverage in the underground parking garage and throughout the building.

“Most solutions offered were either cost prohibitive or introduced significant delays due to lengthy technical reviews and required approvals by the carriers. Wytec, in a fraction of the time, was able to engineer, deploy, and commission a cost effective result.”

~ Ben M.

Why Wytec?

Founded by telcomm industry veterans, Wytec Enterprise is simplifying in-building wireless and cellular enhancement processes and bringing Smart Buildings to the forefront. Featuring some of the best consultants, designers, experts, and installers, we will quickly design and install an in-building cellular enhancement solution to fit your needs.

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