Advancing technology makes it easy for doctors and medical professionals to keep track of patients’ health.

Technology makes monitoring and accessing patient data easier and easier, but sometimes it requires better a robust cellular connection instead of Wi-Fi. Increasing the indoor cellular coverage within the building can not only make it much easier to access and monitor patient data, but also increase productivity and attract the best talent in the medical field.

Many employees, guests, and patients also take advantage of the cellular coverage indoors, which could prevent overloading the wireless network.

Building Materials Can Block Connectivity.

The one thing hospitals, surgery centers, and doctor’s offices suffer from consistently is poor cellular signal. This is due to building materials, shielding for sensitive equipment, and other material interference that must be used by hospitals. However, this creates a problem for employees and patients who need to use their cell phones to stay in contact with people outside of the building. It may be critical for patients to stay in touch with friends and family while inside and suffering from poor to no cellular signal can be a huge inconvenience.

Technology Needs Cellular Connectivity.

A robust cellular network not only allows IoT machines and equipment to be constantly connected, it also allows medical professionals to access data quickly and stay connected. Working in a building with no cellular connectivity is not only frustrating, it’s a tope three reason why talent leaves an employer. Employee productivity and advancing technology both rely heavily on a strong cellular signal within the building.


Wytec is at the forefront of Smart Healthcare.

Wytec Enterprise understands the delicate balance that medical buildings must consider when looking at new technology. Our Solutions Experts are experienced with handling the needs of hospitals, medical centers, and medical complexes and can help you find a solution that will fit your needs. From increasing cellular signal in certain areas to a medical campus wide solution, Wytec Enterprise can handle any size solution.

The Process

Getting started with a cellular enhancement solution does not have to be a painful or lengthy process.
We made our process simple no matter what type of cellular solution you need. From research to design, we can help you at any stage.


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Floor Plan Analysis

A floor plan analysis allows our Solutions Experts to evaluate the best cellular enhancement solution for you based on your building’s unique structure and your needs. Take advantage of our Free Budgetary Quote that is customized to your building too.

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Site Survey

A site survey is a part of the design process and determines the exact configuration needed to enhance the cellular signal inside the building. This on-site survey allows our technicians to take scientific signal readings in all areas of your building.

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System Design and Installation

Once the site survey and floor plan analysis have been completed, Wytec Enterprise designers and engineers will expertly design and professionally install your custom solution.

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