A lot of the challenges that face government buildings are the same that face large commercial office buildings.

Cellular reception that is critical to employee productivity and safety are hampered by building materials and the size of the building.  

Ensuring there is strong cellular reception inside can help improve employee productivity, offer a safer connectivity solution for visitors, as well as increase safety within the building.

Connectivity is a Needed Amenity.

Detention Centers, Public Safety buildings, courts, and even police and fire stations can all benefit from increased cellular reception. These buildings generally suffer from building material interference – thicker than average concrete, steel, and other materials –  that block cellular signal. Visitors also need to utilize their cellular services while visiting since life should not stop once you step into a building.

Cellular Reception Increases Safety.

Visitors and workers may need to reach out during an emergency to contact friends and family or even emergency services. Cell phones also tend to be a second, unofficial line of communication if radios malfunction. Having a strong cellular signal is not just for convenience but also for safety.


Wytec is at the forefront of Smart Government Buildings.

Wytec Enterprise understands the needs of government buildings and can supply solutions to fit any need. Security and reliability are the most important factors in choosing an in-building wireless solution. Contact our Solutions Experts today to learn how a cellular enhancement solution could benefit your building.

The Process

Getting started with a cellular enhancement solution does not have to be a painful or lengthy process.
We made our process simple no matter what type of cellular solution you need. From research to design, we can help you at any stage.


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Floor Plan Analysis

A floor plan analysis allows our Solutions Experts to evaluate the best cellular enhancement solution for you based on your building’s unique structure and your needs. Take advantage of our Free Budgetary Quote that is customized to your building too.

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Site Survey

A site survey is a part of the design process and determines the exact configuration needed to enhance the cellular signal inside the building. This on-site survey allows our technicians to take scientific signal readings in all areas of your building.

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System Design and Installation

Once the site survey and floor plan analysis have been completed, Wytec Enterprise designers and engineers will expertly design and professionally install your custom solution.

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