Tenants want and need great cellular connectivity in their offices.

Cellular connectivity is one of the most sought after and important amenities for tenants. A recent study showed tenants would be willing to pay up to a $1.50 more per leasable square foot in an office with proven cellular connectivity. A lack of cellular coverage within a building may just be the reason why a potential tenant does not sign.

Both tenants and Smart Building technology use at least one of the major carriers – sometimes multiple carriers – and it’s very important to have a solution that can handle heavy cellular activity.

Cellular Reception Can Improve Building Value.

Smart Buildings have the ability to not only offer the most cutting edge amenities to tenants but also to increase a building’s value. Increasing a building’s value is an equation with two variables: the number of tenants and the amount of rent they are paying. 

Smart Buildings Need Cellular Connectivity.

With automation helping facilities managers keep up with maintenance and optimization of the building, IoT devices helping tenants increase productivity and giving them access to state-of-the-art amenities, a Smart Building can offer tenants everything they want while reducing the cost of running the building. With IoT technology predicted to steadily rise starting in 2019, having a building that can support this technology is essential. Making sure cellular signal is strong within your building, which IoT devices use more so than Wi-Fi, can make turning your building into a Smart Building even easier.


Wytec is at the forefront of Smart Buildings.

Wytec Enterprise is at the forefront of Smart Building technology. The understanding of what makes a Smart Building from the infrastructure up is at the heart of our mission. Our Solutions Experts can assist in guiding building owners and managers in making their building a Smart Building with first installing an in-building wireless solution.

The Process

Getting started with a cellular enhancement solution does not have to be a painful or lengthy process.
We made our process simple no matter what type of cellular solution you need. From research to design, we can help you at any stage.


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Floor Plan Analysis

A floor plan analysis allows our Solutions Experts to evaluate the best cellular enhancement solution for you based on your building’s unique structure and your needs. Take advantage of our Free Budgetary Quote that is customized to your building too.

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Site Survey

A site survey is a part of the design process and determines the exact configuration needed to enhance the cellular signal inside the building. This on-site survey allows our technicians to take scientific signal readings in all areas of your building.

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System Design and Installation

Once the site survey and floor plan analysis have been completed, Wytec Enterprise designers and engineers will expertly design and professionally install your custom solution.

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